Juggling Home Life And Work

Having a full or part time job when you have 3 kids is hard enough in itself believe me I have tried both working full and part time and I was just so tired,  and the quality of life for me and the kids was just tiring all the time.

Kids grow up so fast and not only do they need somewhere safe and long-term to live,  it’s pretty difficult  finding long-term private lets that are affordable but they also need feeding and clothing plus all the other monies for school trips along with paying the usual household bills, it is so expensive.

Even more so when you are on a budget and have just decided to go self-employed.  It can get very interesting, don’t get me wrong, I do manage.  All of my kids do not want for anything, they are well turned-out, doing well in school and are happy and healthy.  More than I can say for myself lol.

So what is the solution? My solution was to work from home.  Working from home allows me to regain control of my time, yes time –  that all important commodity that is not unlimited.  I now have time to sort the kids out and manage running my business around my chores.

I save time  and money by not having to travel to and from work or buy lunches.  My business has low overheads,  just a small monthly contribution for marketing materials to run the front end of the business.  I do most of the marketing,  advertising,  recruitment and training which I break down into manageable chunks over the week.

No need for specialist equipment other than a laptop, a mobile phone, printer and a wi-fi connection to get up and running.  Initial income takes a while in the begining,  but the more you put in and help others do the same, it will  start to pay off and long-term hopefully, it will run itself.

If you, like me, are looking for a solution to regain your time, enjoy a challenge and seriously want a lifestyle that is more beneficial to you and your family,  then a work from home business is definitely the way forward.